The concept for Kalypso was born in a St. Regis hotel room in Houston when George Young and Bill Poston were attending the retirement party of a close friend and mentor. His retirement was the spark that ignited an idea.

The idea was Kalypso.

They left comfortable roles with their
old firm during the consulting industry
turmoil of 2003 to create something special and have some fun.

We started Kalypso to address a glaring need in the professional services marketplace for the combination of deep industry expertise and product development knowledge. - George Young, Founding Partner

In Their Own Words

We founded the firm on a core principle – to serve clients the way they want to be served.

  Serving clients is a privilege and it is our responsibility  to do it w   ell.

We saw a market with niche competitors focused on narrow aspects of innovation, strategy and operations, and large technology competitors implementing product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. We did not see anyone who could combine management consulting with PLM technology implementation expertise.


Three factors allow us to truly make something innovative happen in the marketplace: (1) an exclusive focus and a comprehensive set of capabilities to deliver sustained improvements in innovation, (2) a unique blend of people – true characters with character, and (3) a strong set of core values and a cultural affinity for hard work on cutting-edge concepts.

What is it that makes Kalypso so special? We work really hard and balance that with the fact that we get to do interesting work for amazing clients every day. But behind it all, the key to it, is our people.

Kalypso was recognized as one of Consulting magazine’s 2011 Seven Small Jewels.

The firm was selected for our “explosive growth” and unique blend of innovation and strategy.